Preschool Committee and Management

Our Preschool Committee

Hart Plain Church Preschool have a committee of members who oversee and help with the management of our local Cowplain preschool. Committee members are made up from parent representatives, the preschool manager and deputy manager, and members of our local church.

Objectives of the Preschool Committee

Hart Plain Preschool Objectives

The objectives of the preschool committee are to focus on:
1. Discussions about the way forward, planning and development of the school;
2. Make sure the preschool is going in the right direction;
3. Ensure that all measures for safeguarding are being fully met.

Our Address

Hart Plain Church Pre-School & Daycare,
Hart Plain Church,
59 Hart Plain Avenue,
Hampshire, PO8 8RG

Tel: 023 9225 4452