Preschool help - the use of dummies

During your babys' early months of life, most parents will find that their baby use a dummy or pacifier to help soothe and comfort them. This is perfectly normal and understandable as most babies have a strong sucking reflex, and when used naturally, the dummy can in many cases help settle a child. At Hart Plain Church Preschool we have presented the following information about using dummies for parents, so that parents can help and assist with the process of baby and young children being able to give up using dummies quickly, yet with love and understanding.

Prolonged use of a dummy

If babies and young children (we would define a young child as being over the age of between 12 to 18 months), continue to use a dummy, then this can lead to the following complications for your child.

Teeth - sucking on a dummy can lead to incorrect positioning of the bottom and top set of teeth at the front of your childs mouth not meeting properly. In later life this may mean that your child may need to wear a brace to correct the misalignment of their teeth.
Tooth decay - this can happen to the front teeth especially if the dummy is dipped into sweet things
Mouth breathing - because your child is using a dummy more often than they should, then they will breathe through their mouth more than using their nose. This behaviour is often linked to problems in the future with dribbling, or producing more saliva than they naturally may need
Speech and Language issues - because your child may be using their dummy much more than they should, this may mean that their full range of tongue movements are hampered. This can lead to speech problems. It can also stop your child from being able to express themselves clearly, and communicate with you as a parent.

What can you do if your child uses a dummy?

If your child uses a dummy, then here is some useful advice:

  • Set a goal to get rid of the dummy around 12 months (or sooner) if you can for your baby
  • Use a flat teat rather than a cherry teat as this has less effect on teeth
  • Try cuddling or reading to your child before bedtime, instead of reaching for the dummy
  • Whenever your child is trying to talk, then remove the dummy from their mouth, so they speak clearly. This will re-inforce the idea that talking equates to no dummy!
  • Give praise to your baby or child when they do NOT use their dummy
  • Choose a relaxing time to give up the dummy, and when you do, make sure none are left lying around

Here are some ideas for you to try

Here are some useful suggestions for parents to help their child ditch the dummy, because let's face it, no-one gives us a hand book on what to do with a new baby!

  • Give the dummy to Santa
  • Swap the dummy for a special gift, a cuddly toy or a new special toothbrush
  • Pretend that another baby needs their dummy now to help them grow up to be special too
  • Encourage your child to throw their dummy in the bin

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