Behaviour Management for young children at preschool

At Hart Plain Church Preschool we are committed to helping young children learn good behaviour. With the aid of our "Golden Rules" which the children themselves have worked with us to create, teaching staff at our preschool will help and guide your child to practice nice behaviour. We encourage all children at the preschool to be able to share the toys and playschool equipment with their peers. The children are encouraged to take care of the toys and all equipment. To walk calmly in school, to be able to take turns, listen and above all to be kind to one another.

Physical abuse or biting

There are times at any preschool when some children may use physical force on each other, which is not appropriate nor tolerated. However, this is unfortunately one of lifes' learning processes, and for some children who may be experiencing difficulties or issues, this may be their way of venting their frustrations. Our staff are highly trained professionals who will be able to help your child, or children with this kind of problem. Thankfully at Hart Plain Church Preschool such instances where children may bite, or be very unkind to another child, are very rare.

Should this happen within our setting whilst your children are in our care, we have carefully laid out policies in place to help us deal with any problems, quickly and effectively.

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