Baby Room and under 2 care

Childcare for under 2's in Cowplain

Looking for childcare for children under 2 years of age in Cowplain and Waterlooville areas? If so, then Hart Plain Church Preschool and Daycare offer excellent baby care facilities where your young baby can be looked after through daytime hours if you need to go to work.

Looking after your baby

Our parents babies have a separate room just off the main hall (where the main daycare for older children is catered for). The baby room although designed to offer quietness, also has a stimulating environment in which babies can explore and interact with other babies of their own age. The baby room enables your baby to learn, grow, interact and bond with their individual keyperson - whilst having fun at the same time!

Cowplain Nursery Care

We help our new babies settle in, and our primary objectives are to make sure that "baby and mum and dad" or baby and mum, can be worry free. We have discussions with parents about routines, any relevant information concerning their child, worries or concerns, so that parents feel comfortable in leaving their baby in our care. Every baby receives a communication booklet, which is filled out and maintained by their assigned "keyperson", each day the babies attend nursery.

Home from home

We try to follow a babies routine as closely as it would be if they were at home with mum or dad. We do this to make sure that all babies in our care feel settled, secure and happy during their day at our nursery. Babies have a wide variety of toys, treasure baskets, books, soft toys and musical toys to play with during their day. Where agreed, we will include the young babies in "messy activities" and outdoor play that the older children, and their siblings would normally enjoy.

What about sleeps or naps?

The baby room has some cots where your baby can sleep in. We will put on soft music to help soothe them, and relaxing lights to help them sleep peacefully. All children in our care can have access to these "quieter moments", and thereby we meet the childrens individual requirements for maybe needing rest.

Charges for babycare

Our charge per child for babycare (babycare is defined as under 2 year old) is just £5.00 per hour. When you may compare this to an average babysitting rate of anywhere between £6.00 and £11.00 an hour nationally, then we feel that our babycare rate per hour is fair and affordable. You also may be entitled to help with Childcare Costs.

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